Our Commitment To The Environment

Fri, 03/17/2017 - 14:11 -- master

Everyone likes to talk about “going green” and doing their part to save the environment, but at Absolute Shredding we do more than just talk. We recycle 100% of all the paper that we shred. That’s significant because last year alone we shredded and recycled 1,309 tons of paper and in the process saved 22,253 trees.

However, our impact on the environment is more than just saving trees. What many people don’t realize is that the process to turn trees into paper requires a significant amount of energy and water and it also adds pollutants into our air. Consider this. Recycling just one ton of paper saves about 7,000 gallons of water and 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity.

So how did our paper recycling impact the environment? Besides the 22,253 trees noted above, we also saved 9,163,000 gallons of water, 5,366,900 kilowatts of electricity, 3,927 cubic yards of landfill, 2,618 gallons of oil and stopped 78,540 pounds of pollutants from being released into the air.

Things You Can Do To Help Save The Environment


Everyone knows about the essential items they should be recycling at home, like paper, plastics, glass and aluminum. But recycling shouldn’t stop there. At home you can also have a yard sale to recycle items your family no longer uses or you can recycle your old clothes by donating them to a charity. At work, you can set the example and encourage others to recycle as well. 

Buy Recycled Products

Most people are surprised to learn just how many recycled products are available. Automobile parts, building materials, clothes, floor coverings, paper products and toner cartridges are just a partial list. For more information Goggle “buying recycled products” or just click here

Use a Shredding Service

If your organization is using an office shredder instead of a shredding service, chances are that at least one of your office mates is dumping shredded paper in the trash, instead of the recycling bin. That means your organization is not only NOT recycling all the paper they should, they’re also exposing confidential information to “dumpster divers” who can sift through your trash and then piece together strips of company information for their own personal gain. A shredding company like Absolute Shredding will recycle all your paper with our secure recycling program, while keeping your discarded information safe.